YouTube: the social media giant with more than two billion active users to boast about is undoubtedly one of the most popular and accessible social media platforms globally. The easiness to use, the immense opportunities to make a stable income, chances to make fame and status, etc. make it one of the most sought-after social media platforms across the globe. The content that it generates with the help of millions of content creators is huge. They provide a platform for people from all walks of life. Anyone with confidence and creativity can be a YouTube influencer in a short period of time.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

YouTube offers a multitude of opportunities to make money out of it.

biggest perk

of it is that they pay the creators reasonably good money concerning the number of views that they can generate. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone who uploads a video can start getting an income right away. It works in such a way that every newbie channel has to achieve a particular number of subscribers and a particular watch time to apply for their channel monetization. Once their application gets approved from YouTube, their channel and the videos that they post start to get monetized, which means that YouTube starts to pay them per view. It is because of this reason that making a particular number of viewers at the beginning of your channel is extremely important and necessary. The number of subscribers is also the criterion for their channel upgrade and income hike. Once you cross a particular number of subscribers, the pay per view is increased. This is why most YouTubers are so desperate for subscribers and this is exactly why it is so important to earn a good number of subscribers to any channel.

Buy YouTube SubscribersThough there are more than a couple of billion active YouTube users, not every one of them has a huge fan following. Why because it is not that easy to earn a huge number of subscribers in a short time. It does take time, effort, patience, and above all, good content to win the hearts and subscriptions of many. Most of the time what happens is that even if you produce quality content, just because you don’t have many subscribers it could go unappreciated and unviewed. You may only need an initial bunch of subscribers and an initial push to take off to the YouTube skies, and the most efficient way to do that is to




Which are the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers?

  1. Galaxy Marketing Global

This digital media marketing pro is known for its customer service and responsible order delivery. Galaxy Marketing Global value their customer feedback and constantly strives to better itself. They offer a number of packages which are varied and suit various budgets. They claim to provide real subscribers and not bots. Their packages start with 50 subscribers and go up to 4000 subscribers. You can cart as many packages as you want on a single purchase. The payment gateways that they have provided are extremely convenient and safe.

  1. Lynk Hero

Lynk hero offers the best price to buy real YouTube subscribers in the industry. They provide various packages for the customers to choose from. They claim to deliver their orders within two or more hours from the time of payment. They are very particular and keen to ensure the safety of the customers and the subscribers that they have provided a disclaimer on their website that they won’t be supplying subscribers for content that is illegal or harmful under any circumstances.

  1. Adfluencer

Adfluencer understands the need for real, active subscribers in the growth of a channel and claims to provide the same. They offer to deliver the placed orders within hours, and they also claim to provide a money-back guarantee in case any sub-par service occurs. They have multiple social media pages and the potential customers can go through their activities and be sure of choosing them as digital promoters. They offer country-targeted subscribers, and the customers can choose from the countries given. Unless a customer has specified any country, they will be providing international subscribers for all the orders.

  1. is a major player in digital marketing for the last five years. They offer an easy and uncomplicated service for their customers. They also provide an excellent customer support system and a fast grievance redressal system. The customers can avail themselves of those services just by visiting their official website. Their payment gateways are extremely secure and safe too.PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. are several of the many payment partners that they have. Buy YouTube comments.

  1. influmos

Influmos is another digital marketing service provider that is keen on providing the best platform to buy real YouTube subscribers. They promise to increase the social media proof of their customers in just a matter of hours. They offer a money-back guarantee in case a paid service is not provided to their customers. They also offer discounts and offer rates to bulk and large orders. As a complimentary service, they sometimes provide likes and views along with quite a large order of subscribers.

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Buy YouTube Subscribers1


  1. What benefit will you get by buying YouTube subscribers?

The number of subscribers is a major criterion maintained by YouTube to monetize a particular channel. Only when a channel reaches a prescribed number of subscribers and views, that the channel gets monetized by YouTube. Then only you will get paid for the views that you earn. So, it is important to



to monetize your channel and to achieve fame.

  1. Why you should buy YouTube subscribers for your channel?

In YouTube, viewers have a vast choice to choose from and it is not always easy for a beginner to make his or her channel noticeable in a short span of time. This is when buying YouTube subscribers can come in handy. The subscribers that you’ve bought can give you that initial reach necessary for your channel to reach other genuine viewers, and to help earn more views and subscribers.

  1. How we give your YouTube subscribers?

There are multiple digital marketing service providers who offer you package deals to buy YouTube subscribers from. All you have to do is choose an authentic digital promoter, find an ideal package out of the options, place an order, and make your payment. Within hours, you’ll start to see the number of subscribers in your channel shooting up.

  1. Can you seem like an authority after buying YouTube subscribers?

Yes of course. Once your channel crosses a good number of subscribers, you’ll start to get more income and business opportunities, and thereby you can become an influencer. It doesn’t matter whether you bought the subscribers or not. The fact that you have a good number of subscribers is enough to take off your career as a YouTube influencer.

  1. When will you get the subscribers in your channel?

The delivery speed is different for different service providers. Generally, it takes two hours to 24 hours to deliver an average order. There are many reputed and established marketing giants who make sure to deliver your order within a few hours. Having said that, chances are high for your orders to take a few days if the number of subscribers you ordered was large. Most of the promoters usually deliver bulk orders by splitting them over a few days to make sure that your sudden subscriber hike doesn’t seem unnatural.

  1. Does a high subscriber count help you rank higher in YouTube algorithm?

Definitely. Channels with high subscribers are usually featured on the home page of YouTube and usually, the YouTube algorithm makes them quite accessible and known to the viewers. This is why channels with a large number of viewers occasionally appear in your YouTube feed without you even asking.

  1. Can I get banned for buying YouTube subscribers?

No, you won’t get banned from YouTube for getting paid subscribers. It is so sure because YouTube doesn’t have any guidelines of such sort which ban you from getting a paid service. Their YouTube community support group also doesn’t specify anything about buying subscribers. People have been buying subscribers since the conception of the platform, and no one has ever faced a problem yet.

  1. Do my subscribers get dropped?

It completely depends on the service provider that you choose. Many reputed promoters are there who provide year-long guarantees for the sold subscribers. You can go through your promoter’s terms, conditions, and other policies and understand the guarantee of their service. Always make sure that you pick and choose the right service provider to avoid your subscribers from getting disappeared or being dropped.

  1. Is this method still working in 2022?

Yes, buying YouTube subscribers still works perfectly in 2022. Most of the genuine promoters have customers who frequent their online marketplace and make more and more orders. The fact that almost all of the customers are coming back again to place more orders shows the effectiveness of the process.

  1. From which location subscribers we offer?

Usually, if the customer doesn’t provide any specifications, most of the digital promoters provide international subscribers for the orders. But many service providers offer geographically customized packages for their customers. By availing them, customers can choose the nationality of subscribers that they are ordering. This service is provided as a complementary one and thus customers are not expected to pay extra to avail this service.

  1. How fast can I buy 100 subscribers on YouTube?

Buying YouTube subscribers is a very fast and easy process. You will get the subscribers delivered in less than twenty-four hours in lion’s share of the cases. A small delay in the orders may take place only if your order is a bulk one. Most of the service providers tend to deliver bulk orders over a few days. Customers are only supposed to make an order and pay at the website, and the order will get reflected in their channels very soon.

  1. How buy YouTube subscribers help me improve my video’s ranking?

When you buy YouTube subscribers from a reputable service provider, the ordered number gets reflected in the customer’s channel within a few hours. This increases the engagement of that particular channel in YouTube’s dashboard, and a good number of subscribers is bound to invite the attention of other real YouTube viewers, and gradually the number of subscriptions increases further and your video climbs further up the YouTube rankings.

  1. How can I pay to buy active YouTube subscribers and views?

Paying for active YouTube subscribers is just similar to paying for any other online service or product that you order. You simply have to add your orders to your cart and click on the payment gateway option. You’ll be provided a choice of payment gateways to choose from, and they mostly include PayPal, Amazon pay, debit cards, credit cards, and direct bank transfer. Customers can choose whichever gateway is convenient to them and pay accordingly using a one-time password.

  1. Will it be a 100% secure payment if I buy 1000 YouTube subscribers?

You’ll have a 100% secure payment if you choose the right service provider. A genuine digital promoter makes sure not to ask for any bank information or passwords of yours, and keep your personal information discreet and anonymous. They’ll also provide you with authentic, secure payment gateways to pay with. Make sure to read your promoter’s privacy policy and other terms and conditions before making any transactions.

  1. Will buy 10K YouTube subscribers increase my views on videos too?

Buying 10K YouTube subscribers can increase your views by a fair number. This happens because when a channel gets an active engagement like a subscription, the YouTube algorithm tends to pick it up and push it up in the ranking chart. So, when you buy 10K subscribers, the activity is quite good, and your video will soon go several places high. This invites more real views to your video and thus can contribute to increased viewership for the video.

  1. Will the way to buy YouTube subscribers legit help me monetize my channel?

Yes, buying YouTube subscribers can help you monetize your channel. We’ll explain how. When you start a channel, YouTube won’t be monetizing it or you can’t apply for monetization. According to the YouTube guidelines, a channel has to achieve a particular number of subscribers and has to cross a particular watch time to be eligible to apply for monetization. It doesn’t matter how you earned the subscribers, as long as you can satisfy the eligibility criteria. So, you can buy YouTube subscribers to speed up your channel’s journey to get monetized.

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