With a multitude of content that spans from vlogs to tutorials, YouTube is hands down the favorite video platform worldwide. There are about two billion active YouTube users around the world, and the opportunities it provides are thus immense. From fame to money, YouTube can easily make all your career dreams real with a single click. There are millions around the world, who make the most out of YouTube and make an income out of their passion or hobby.

buy YouTube likes

Being a free platform, YouTube has a unique way of fishing for the top content from the millions of videos that are uploaded in it every day. YouTube focuses on the watch time of every single video, and the videos with the most viewership and viewer engagement find their way to YouTube’s trending chart, causing the video to fetch more attention and blow up even further. Thus, to monitor the popularity, engagement, activity, and viewership of videos, YouTube enabled several tools on their platform.

Like, dislike, subscription, comments, etc. are several such tools. YouTube can monitor the traffic in a particular account using such tools, and reward the channel owner accordingly. This is why it is important to keep stable traffic in your YouTube account. If you can ensure likes, subscriptions, comments, etc.. in your videos, the YouTube algorithm is essentially going to pick up your content and promote it further via its recommended or trending list.buy YouTube likes

Among such tools, YouTube likes are something that immediately reflects the popularity of your content, and thus it is vital to ensure likes for your content produced.

Ways to fetch likes in YouTube

There are numerous ways to fetch likes to your YouTube video. You can create content that appeals to the larger section of regular YouTube viewers like travel, cooking, lifestyle, technology enthusiasts. This could make your video reach a larger population, and thus provide more likes. Another method is to produce quality and relevant content consistently. You can collaborate with other established content creators to seek more likes and activity for your channel. Being said, the fact is that all of these methods could take up a lot more time and effort from you.

So, to give that initial push and to fetch some initial likes for your channel to get some attention in a lot of other content, it is advisable to buy YouTube likes. Many digital promoters responsibly deliver YouTube likes according to the order that you place. This could help you get noticed in the YouTube community.

buy YouTube likes

Buying YouTube views is indeed safe and legal. No YouTube policy or law enforcement objects the users to promote their channel in any way possible. So, if you are dealing with a genuine and authentic promoter, there is nothing to worry about.

If you are a beginner in YouTube and other online media platforms, and you have no idea about the authentic players who can help you out, no need to get confused. Here is the list of the best digital promoters from whom you can buy YouTube likes.

  1. Galaxy Marketing Global

With more than 32000 orders delivered, Galaxy Marketing Global is undoubtedly a forerunner in the digital marketing field. They offer easy, fast, secure, and transparent transactions for all of their customers. Their highlight is that they deliver their orders in less than 2 minutes after payment. Customers can buy YouTube likes from a 100 likes package onwards, according to their budget. Galaxy marketing globally ensures complete privacy for its customers. The campaign will be done in the most anonymous and discreet manner.

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They offer 24-hour customer support for their customers and offer to increase the rankings and social proof of their customers. They have many authentic payment gateways for their customers’ convenience. Their website provides you with all the necessary information regarding their privacy policy, legal information, and terms and conditions. They also offer several coupons for the customers to avail of.

  1. Lynkhero

Lynkhero is one of the most reputed and authentic digital growth partners that offer budget-friendly packages to buy YouTube likes. They ensure 100% safe service and customer satisfaction at affordable prices. They understand that their customer might be a newbie in social media, and thus they offer complete guidance for them to achieve a targeted goal. You can clear all your concerns by asking them through their website.

They are committed to providing you with 24-hour customer support. So once you get cleared of all your doubts, you can order any number of YouTube likes from them. Their privacy policy is very concise and particular to maintain the secrecy and safety of all the personal information collected from the customer during the transaction.

  1. Famouz.io

Another major player in the digital marketing service is Famouz.io which offers a wide variety of services to its customers. They aim to help people who need to reach any possible heights in social media like YouTube by providing them an opportunity to buy likes . They offer various packages which start from 100 likes and their prices are quite affordable too.

They offer to deliver the likes in a few hours, and as a compliment, they offer some real comments along with your order. They don’t have any hidden charges, and the amount payable will be including taxes. Theirs is a fully automated service with no middlemen to ensure the transparency and safety of the transactions.

  1. Adfluencer.com

Adfluencer.com is another reputed promoter who claims to boost the YouTube channel of customers by providing real YouTube likes. They collaborate with multiple established influencers and thus ensure real and authentic YouTube likes for their customers. They have proven their meat by conducting effective campaigns for many YouTube content creators. They have provided their detailed privacy policy, terms, conditions, etc. on their official website which the customers can refer to before their purchase.

They have also uploaded helpful articles regarding YouTube marketing on their official site to further educate the client. They claim that the results of their service will be reflected and visible from the very next day onwards. They also have a price-back policy in case their service seems to be sub-par by the customer. Customers can pay for their orders via multiple popular payment gateways like Pay Pal.

  1. influmos

Aiming to assist people in their YouTube career building, Influmos offers affordable YouTube likes packages for its customers. They ensure real YouTube likes, without compromising the privacy and safety of their clients. They offer completely safe transactions for their clients and vows to not use the customer’s personal information for anything other than required purposes. Customers can choose a time frame in which the likes should be reflected in the concerned YouTube video. This flexibility to choose make Influmos stand out most uniquely.

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They have provided a good number of payment gateways like Pay pal, Amazon Pay, Credit and debit cards for the convenience of the customer. Customers can ask any doubts regarding their transactions through the contact form provided on their official website. This promoter has an active presence on multiple social media platforms too, and the customers can check them out before placing their order.


  1. Is it safe to buy YouTube likes?

There is nothing wrong or unsafe about buying YouTube likes. It is just like you promoting any other product or service of yours by paying the people concerned. There is nothing illegal about it, and thus no need to think of it as unsafe.

  1. What is the benefit of buying YouTube likes?

The number of YouTube likes is proportional to the popularity of a video. When you buy YouTube likes, it instantly starts reflecting in your targeted video, and this can immediately improve your video’s rankings and position in the trending chart.

  1. How to get YouTube likes on my video?

There are multiple time-consuming methods to gain YouTube likes on your video. But the best and the most widely used method is to buy YouTube likes from responsible digital promoters. This can help your video to reach many more genuine viewers and gain the attention that it deserves.

  1. Can I see who liked my YouTube video?

No. YouTube is very particular about the privacy of its users, and thus refrains from revealing the identity of the persons who liked or disliked a video.

  1. Does it matter how many dislikes I get on my video?

Having dislikes in a YouTube video can impact the channel both positively and negatively. If your video happened to have many dislikes but managed to gain a decent watch time from the dislikers, it’s good news. YouTube algorithm will ultimately promote videos that’ve earned a good watch time irrespective of the likes and dislikes. So, you’ll benefit from it. The other side is that, if the dislikes are consistent in your videos or it points to any grave mistake that you must’ve committed in any of your videos, it may affect the popularity of your channel among the general audience.

  1. How to buy real YouTube likes?

It is easy to buy real YouTube likes: you only have to find the right promoter. There are multiple genuine players in the digital marketing industry who offer good package deals to buy YouTube likes on an affordable budget.

  1. Can my YouTube likes disappear over time?

Chances are there for YouTube to remove inactive videos and content from its platform. So, if you have videos or content that are sitting idle for a very long time, the views, likes or even the video may get disappear. But in normal cases, it won’t happen so often.

  1. How expensive are YouTube likes?

There are multiple packages available from various promoters for you to buy YouTube likes from. You can check out the sites and choose according to your budget.

  1. Can I get a free trial before buying YouTube likes?

It depends on the buying policy of the promoter that you choose. Most of the sites have uploaded their detailed pricing policy on their concerned website. Many of them offer several offers, coupons, discounts, free trials, etc., and such details can be found in their policy.

  1. Is it possible to get the same number of likes and dislikes on my video?

Well, it’s not impossible! You may end up having the same number of likes and dislikes on your video in very rare cases. But it doesn’t happen quite often.

  1. Will YouTube ban my video if I buy cheap YouTube likes?

Definitely not. Buying YouTube likes or views is just you trying to promote your channel, and it’s perfectly ok to do so. There won’t be consequences like banning your channel or anything, as YouTube doesn’t have any such guidelines. There isn’t any law that prevents you to do so. So, it’s perfectly fine to buy YouTube likes from reputed promoters.

  1. How to find the best sites to buy YouTube likes?

There are many ways to identify a genuine promoter to buy YouTube likes. You can check the review section, and look for the testimonials and their authenticity. Check the social media pages of the promoter to get a clear picture of their service. You can check whether the payment gateways are safe and authentic. You can also read through their customer privacy policy.

  1. Can I disable likes on YouTube?

According to the YouTube community help center, you can hide the likes and dislikes button, but cannot switch them off. The viewers can still like or dislike the video, but they won’t be able to view the number of likes or dislikes of that video. But the content creator who owns the video can view the number of dislikes and likes gained by his/her video.

  1. What is the best time to post to get more YouTube likes?

It is generally assumed that the best time to post a video is on or after 5 pm. And the best day to post a video is generally the weekend. Videos posted after 5 pm on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday have been observed to generate more viewership.

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