TikTok is a famous social networking site that lets users use their smartphones to film, view, and share short duration videos. The app gained huge popularity because of its unique short video clips combined with attractive sound clips and filters.

Audio tracks, filters, and other unique elements can be used by the users (TikTokers) to enhance their films, collaborate on content, and create videos from anywhere in the world.

The brief videos are referred to as TikTok. It was developed by the Chinese startup ByteDance in 2016. In the late 2017, it grew exponentially as a result of acquiring Musical.ly transferring all of its users to TikTok. The estimated amount of users that have been transferred was around 200 million.

In 2018, TikTok’s refined version was released, and it was a huge success as it attracted many users. Several sources say that by the start of 2021, TikTok had gained over 1 billion active users. And the app was downloaded from the play store 200 million times in the USA.

How Does TikTok Rank Their Videos?

The TikTok algorithm is a video recommending system that decides which videos appear on your For You page. Each user will be recommended videos based on their interest, and the videos you see may change over time depending on your viewing preferences and even your current mood. TikTok’s algorithm is built in such a way that it recognizes the user’s interests and moods.

Social media platforms usually keep their algorithms hidden because they are the crucial piece of technology that contributes to each social network’s uniqueness. Companies invest most of their time and money on creating this algorithm than any other part of the app.

One of the best methods for social media to lure and keep our attention is through these algorithms. TikTok does not want spammers to trick the system into giving them more views and interactions.

To solve this problem, TikTok reveals a few key points that the algorithm takes into account to rank these videos. By doing so, spammers will not post any videos that aren’t in accordance with TikTok’s guidelines. And it also helps genuine creators to optimize their content for better results.

Content’s information

The video that is uploaded on TikTok itself provides valuable information to TikTok’s algorithm. This hugely helps it to make rankings and push to other users’ For You Page. This is the first insight that the algorithm gathers from the video.

When a video is first posted to its platform, the algorithm retrieves information such as caption quality, video resolution, hashtags, audio track ranking, and video effects. As a result, a video should include captions and hashtags that are relevant to the day’s hot topics.

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User Interaction:

User interaction is the interaction of the people with the content that is uploaded on the social media platform. Each social media has its own way of letting its users interact with their content. Similarly, TikTok has its own way of using these user interactions to rank the videos.

It includes likes, comments, shares, follows, watch time, re-watch time, etc.. For instance, take a video with a higher number of likes. This video will be ranked on top than the video with a lesser number of likes. The same goes for videos with higher shares, comments, watch time, and other user interactions.

Likewise, user interaction such as marking it as ‘not-interested’ or flagging it inappropriate might have a negative effect on the video. These videos will be more likely to be ranked low and hardly get pushed into other users’ For you Page.


To enhance the user experience, TikTok uses your profile settings, which you enter when you create an account. These preferences are created on the account opening and generally do not change after that. So, it is not as important as user interaction or content information for the algorithm’s evaluation process.

To serve you with more suited video clips, the algorithm takes into account your language preference, country or location, type of mobile device you use, and so on. It also considers the intriguing categories you picked when creating your account. They have limited influence because the user’s interests can change at any time.

buy TikTok comments

Create Your Business or Creator Account:

With 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to get recognized. Many influencers and social celebrities have originated from TikTok because of its huge user base. Several startups have become successful brands by marketing on TikTok. So, it is a wise decision to promote your profile on this platform.

In order to do that, we have to have a Business account or creator account in TikTok. We will guide you step by step from creating a personal account to updating it to a pro account.

Step 1: First, download and install TikTok from the play store and open it.

Step 2: You can now create a personal profile on TikTok. TikTok will assist you in opening a personal account. You can open a new profile by using your email or by logging in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts. TikTok will assist you in opening a personal account.

Step 3: Now click the ‘Me’ icon in the lower right corner and tap on the Edit profile option. You can add a profile picture(DP) and bio. Make sure your profile picture and bio match the objectives of your business niche.

Step 4: We are now going to change our account from personal to Pro account type. Businesses can choose the Business profile, and influencers can choose the creator account type.

Step 5: On the top right corner, you can see three dots. Click on it, and you can see the option ‘Change account.

Step 6: Now click on it, and you can change your personal account to any of the two types of Pro account.

Now we are all set creating our Pro account on TikTok. We are just one step away from creating a fan base for our business. One of the important user interactions is comments. TikTok knows that the videos with more comments are highly engaging.

buy TikTok comments

Getting a lot of comments for our video can be difficult. Especially if you are a business or startup, users in TikTok might just skip your video because most of the users are teens and younger people. So we can Buy TikTok Comments from service providers to make users engage with our post.

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Social media marketing agencies optimize our content and promote them on a significant scale which will result in increased user interaction. So if we buy TikTok comments from them, we can expand our profiles to reach a significant level.

We have carefully analyzed and made you a list of the top 5 service providers in the world who are specialized in providing more comments to our TikTok profile. These marketing agencies are trustworthy and reliable. They have the best experts in this field to work on our projects.

However, one should be careful about the service providers from whom they purchase the service. Because TikTok is a huge platform for expanding our business or influential status. Knowing this, many scammers and low-quality marketers are ready to provide unethical services which will have a significant negative effect on your account.

That is why we have carefully picked and complied this list from whom you can Buy TikTok Comments to make your content go viral.

1. Galaxy Marketing

Galaxy Marketing is the most trusted option for businesses firms wishing to scale. They are validated based on the true data of their prior performance. They have an impressive clientele and have delivered 32000 projects for 8000 clients in 5 years time span.

They design new strategies custom-made for brands and influencers separately. Moreover, Galaxy Marketing delivers full responsibility with its unbiased ongoing monitoring and strategic recommendations ensuring high quality & amazing results for its consumers. Galaxy marketing offers you to buy TikTok comments at the best price possible.

2. lynk hero

Lynk Hero is a unique marketing agency that looks to build your brand along with building a lifelong relationship with your business. They also assist influencers in increasing their reach across this platform. The famous ‘Instant TikTok Comments’ feature lets you buy the desired number of comments for your TikTok video.

Lynk Hero offers you a variety of advanced strategies and methods to produce an optimal result. Moreover, they are passionate about listening to your business’s objectives, dreams, and goals. They are also particularly interested in influencers who want to grow their TikTok profile to become online celebrities.

3. adfluencer.com

Adfleuncer is a digital marketing company started in Germany in 2018 by extremely skilled digital marketers. They specialize in offering hands-on SEO tactics. They are experienced in building and managing international SEO strategies for both businesses and influencers. Their precise audience targeting system lets you choose your target audience from any region of the world.

They have a history of handling clients with diverse niches. This provides them with incredible expertise when working with versatile niches. Huawei, Wikia Inc., Notre Game, and Fandom are a few of the large brands they have worked with.

4. famouz.io

Famouz.io is of the fastest-developing digital marketing agency in the world. They help you to scale up your business and increase your sales with digital marketing. Their expert marketing agents will provide you with your desired number of comments for your TikTok video.

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They don’t just provide you with comments. They provide those comments from real, active, and high profile value users on TikTok, which has a significant positive outcome on your profile. They also offer a complete refund if you are not happy with the results.

5. influmos

Influmos is infamous for offering premium service at a reasonable price for both influencers and businesses. They are providing constant marketing services to several top agencies across the world. Their unique infrastructure makes it possible for them to handle multiple projects at the same time regardless of their size.

Influmos is the one-stop store if you want marketing for any social media. Because they extend their services to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., they offer their service with full transparency at lightning speed. Also, their customer care support is ready to help you anytime, any day.


1. do I need to buy TikTok Comments?

TikTok is a crowded platform with more than 1 billion videos viewed each day. Thus it is extremely hard to get our content discovered. Thus we need to buy TikTok comments to increase our ranking in TikTok. Also, these purchased comments are delivered by real users who can later follow your profile and increase your reach.

2. how many comments should i buy?

You can buy as many views as you can from our service providers. But it totally depends on your business requirements to choose the number of comments that you must buy.

3. are these comments real?

These comments are from real and active users. None of our service providers uses bots or spam accounts to deliver comments. Thus, each and every comment you receive are 100% genuine.

4. finalizing my transaction, the system can’t find my account: what should I do?

You can contact our customer care service who is available 24×7. Kindly provide a screenshot containing the transaction details and send that to our customer care email id provided on our website.

If I Do Not Receive The TikTok Comments, What Should I Do?

There is no possibility that you don’t receive the comments after completing the purchase. But if that happens, you can contact our customer care agents who will be able to assist you in this situation.

Yes, there is an astonishing chance of getting featured by buying our TikTok comments service.

7. If I Buy TikTok Comments, Will There Be An Increase In Reach Of My Profile?

There will be an absolute increase in your profile’s reach after you have bought TikTok comments. These comments will suggest to TikTok’s algorithm that the content posted from your profile is of high value. This will make your content get displayed on other users For You Page.

8. Will Buying TikTok Comments Improve My Brand Image?

Buying TikTok comments will improve your brand’s image because the increased number of comments will rank your top on this social media platform. This increases your business’s visibility and also improves people’s trust in your brand.