Telegram is an efficient messaging app that was founded by two Russians named Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. Pavel Durov is called Mark Zuckerberg of Russia as he has found the country’s biggest social media platform. VK is the first digital product Pavel created, making him a billionaire.

When thinking of creating another messaging app, these brothers had come up with the incredible idea of creating a messaging platform that solely prioritizes the user’s privacy. And they started creating Telegram.

Telegram was first introduced in 2013. In just 72 hours, Telegram has managed to gain around 25 million users and an estimation of 500 million users at the start of 2021. But their popularity didn’t end there. After the crash of Facebook and WhatsApp at the end of 2021, 75 million users joined Telegram within hours.

And due to the privacy policy updates done by Facebook and Whatsapp, users have become more concerned about their privacy. So they have shifted to Telegram, which offers their users much privacy.

With just 500 million active monthly users, Telegram is dwarfed by social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. But we should note that Telegram is not a social media platform. It is a messaging app like Whatsapp which offers much privacy. Considering that, with the limited crowd and advanced features, Telegram might be the best weapon to have in your marketing arsenal.

On the other hand, Telegram is not just any messaging app. It also acts as a social media. Hence, we can call it a hybrid between social media and messaging platforms. The users can message their contacts as well as engage in groups or chats that have no direct connection with them.

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This distinguishes Telegram from other common platforms. When it comes to functionality, their rivals like Whatsapp and Signal are no match to Telegram. The developer of this app literally exceeded human imagination and brought incredibly efficient features for marketing purposes.

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1. advanced tracking system

Telegram users, like WhatsApp users, may share each other live locations. When the sender is on the move, live locations allow the recipient to track them in real-time for a predetermined period of time. Telegram, on the other hand, allows both parties to establish proximity alerts.

When another user draws close, Telegram will alert you. For example, you can set a proximity alert for when the other user approaches you within a 50-meter radius in the mall, so you can begin looking for them.

2 Schedule Your Messages

Telegram’s one of the most intriguing features is scheduling your messages. You can type your message and enter a specific time at which it has to be sent. This gives the user more freedom on their timeframe. You can prepare your message in the morning and schedule it to be sent in the evening, which will make your life easier.

Another astonishing feature is that you can silence your messages. If you don’t want your message to be notified with notification sounds to the receiver, you can simply long-press the send button instead of tapping on it.

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3. creative themes

Telegram lets you personalize your app’s interface. Users can choose from a variety of themes and color combinations in this app to accomplish this. These will modify features such as chat background colors and messages.

To do so, slide over the hamburger menu to go to Telegram’s settings on the app’s left side. Choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Chat Settings’ from the drop-down menu. You can choose from a variety of themes and color schemes in this section, and you may also alter the curve and font size of message boxes.

4. edit after sent

Yes, you’ve read it right. Telegram lets you alter, edit or add filters and markings to the pictures you have already sent. You can edit your sent pictures or images by clicking on the edit button that appears after you long-press it. You can then add writings, filters, emojis, or stickers of your liking.

It also offers another intriguing feature: you can send another picture and replace any last sent pictures. This lets you save a lot of time and space for you. You don’t have to get annoyed for getting your chat box clumsy.

5. chat folders

Telegram lets you keep your chats in separate folders as you read it. This saves a lot of time and trouble for its user. Having chats in folders makes it much easier to handle the conversations. You can create your own custom chat folder by heading to Telegram settings and selecting ‘Folders’. You can make as many folders as you like, and you can add personal chats, groups, and channels in them. You can also sort the folders you’ve just made, but the default ‘All chats’ folder will always be at the top.

6. geolocate users

Telegram enables users to find connections in their area if they desire to be found. This enables you to instantly add someone near you to your Telegram contact list without having to remember their phone number and manually save the contact. This functionality may also be used to identify and form groups of nearby people.

This feature can be found useful for businesses that rely on customers around them. This can help business owners to contact the potential customers in their area. You can find people near you by swiping right to access the menu. Then click on the option ‘Find People Nearby.’ This will show you a list of people who are near you, and you can instantly add them to your list. This is a unique feature that no other messaging apps offer.

7. cloud storage & other features

Telegram lets their users to have their own ‘Saved Messages’ folder. This may be accessed from the main screen’s left menu bar. Users may also keep essential messages here, like their conversations, which will be uploaded on Telegram’s cloud storage. The Saved Messages section may then be accessible from any device with your account signed in, including your phone, laptop, and tablet.

Telegram’s latest feature is Group Voice Chats which allows users in a group to start and share a group voice chat with all members. Users may, however, leave and rejoin the existing group conversation at any time. To utilize this, go to any of your favorite groups and press the group name. Now choose Start Voice Chat from the hamburger menu on the upper right.

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These are a few of the intriguing features that Telegram offers. And one of the major selling points for Telegram is that they are not obliged to give information regarding their users to governments. So, it adds another layer of confidentiality.

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Many businesses have adapted to Telegram to expand their reach. Since it is more secure than other apps and it is virtually impossible to get other members’ phone numbers, many business channels are created.

You can create a Business channel and can start doing your business. But getting members for your Telegram channel can be a little difficult. To help you with that, we are going to explain how to Buy Telegram Members for your channel.

We are going to seek the service of several social media marketing agencies to Buy Telegram Members for our channel, which will boost your channel’s growth. This will also help you to have more sales resulting in more earnings.

We have made a list of social media marketing agencies that are known for their quality of service. They are trustworthy and reliable marketers who will provide you with the number of members you want.

1. galaxy marketing

Galaxy Marketing is a German marketing agency founded in 2018. They have an unbroken record winning streak of providing outstanding results to their customers. They have successfully delivered 32,000 projects for more than 8,000 clients in this short span.

Unlike typical marketing agencies, this service provider doesn’t use bots or spam accounts to provide members to your Telegram channel. Instead, they rely on data-driven strategies that will promote your channel resulting in an increase of new joining members.

You can instantly start your ad campaign for your Telegram channel from Galaxy Marketing. Also, their services are real and permanent. All the users or members you have purchased from Galaxy marketing to join your channel will stay with your channel forever. Since they are real users, they will interact with your content and posts and can also become your future customers. They maintain a reputation of providing 10-30% more members than their customers have actually purchased for.

2. lynk hero

The next marketing agency on our list is Lynk Hero. This service provider genuinely wants to help you grow your business. Their dedicated marketing team will contact you listen to your business motives, expectations, objectives, plans, dreams, etc.. After learning all about your Business, they will offer unique strategies and run an ad campaign on behalf of you. This will ensure you get an increase in the number of members in your channel.

One of their unique and intriguing features is the ‘Instant Telegram Members’, which lets you buy users or members for your Telegram almost instantly. You can see new members joining your channel as soon as you make a purchase. If you are new to marketing, Lynk Hero might be the best place to Buy Telegram Members for your channel.

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Adfluencer has collaborated with top influencers and global players like Fandom, Wikia Inc, and Huawei. That is why they are experienced in handling businesses from small to extremely large scale. No matter how big or small your business is, Adfleuncer got your back on getting the number of followers you want for your channel.

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5. influmos

Influmos knows the difficulty in obtaining thousands of members for your channel, especially if you are not a big business or celebrity. To help small businesses, they employ effective strategies at an affordable price. Their uniquely designed ad campaign will help you to get as many members as you would like to receive.

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1. what are the payment methods for member purchase?

Our service providers offer various modes of payment, including PayPal, Visa card, SEPA, Sofort, Master card, Amazon Pay, etc.. But the payment methods may vary for each service provider. We request you to visit their website to explore their payments methods.

It is totally legal to buy Telegram members from our social media marketing agencies.

3. why should we increase Telegram membership?

Increased members for your Telegram channel has lots of benefits, including the boost they will provide at the initial stage of your channel’s development, earning by sales, etc.

4. is Telegram a good place to do business?

It is one of the best places to build up your business. Telegram is comparatively less crowded with active users, which makes this an efficient place to do your business. Creating a Telegram channel for your business can prove to be quite helpful.

The best method for Telegram advertising is starting an ad campaign.