Swedish electronic musician Eric Wahlforss and sound designer Alexander Ljung wanted to create a music and audio streaming platform solely built to share and play audio tracks and podcasts. Their dream to create a centralized platform to share music has become true in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

SoundCloud allows its users to upload music or audio, or podcasts and share and promote it. It is now one of the audio sharing platforms with more number of users. There are over 175 registered users worldwide, with 76 million active users monthly. And there are 30 million creators on this platform from 190 different countries. Recent research shows that more than 256 million tracks are uploaded on this platform.

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Soundcloud offers four different types of accounts to its users. Two account types for creators and another two account types for listeners. We are going to see about the four account types in detail.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Pro Unlimited:

This account type of SoundCloud is for creators. The annual subscription costs around $144. This account type offers unlimited upload time for any kind of audio. This lets you pin up to 5 playlists or tracks on top of your account with the spotlight.

Pro Unlimited profile type gives access to all SoundCloud insights. This account type can be monetized if met the requirements of 1000 followers. This will let the creators earn money when other users listen to their music or audio. By using the DIY tool on SoundCloud, you can promote your music across the platform.

This also gives you much freedom in personalizing user interaction with your content. You can turn off other users’ comments on your music. By using the Pro Unlimited account, you can replace music tracks without losing stats. Subscription to this profile type will give access to SoundCloud Go+ account for just $4.99.

Repost By SoundCloud:

This profile type is cheap compared to the Pro Unlimited account. Repost by SoundCloud can be subscribed for just $30. This lets you distribute your music to Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, and other major music platforms worldwide. You don’t have to worry about the loss of revenue in this process because SoundCloud lets you do this while keeping 80% of the total revenue.

This profile type gives the users much freedom to personalize collaborating with other creators. It offers 1-year distribution licensing term along with monetization of your music. Repost By SoundCloud makes it easier to split payment with your collaborators. Featured Profiles, Track Background Art, and Banner Click-Throughs are some of the exclusive features this app offers to these types of profile users.

You can access multiple promotion tools like pre-save campaigns, pitch to playlists, and create smart links for your releases. Finally, you can monetize your content with Youtube content ID.

SoundCloud Go:

SoundCloud Go is the basic profile type that is generally used by most of the users on the platform. This account type is created to suit the users who like to listen. So this account type doesn’t have many fancy features. But it offers its users to listen to music offline. You can download the music and listen to it inside the app. It also offers an ads-free experience to its users.

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SoundCloud Go+

Listeners who want to enjoy the exclusive features of SoundCloud may subscribe to this account. Like SoundCloud Go, it offers its users an ad-free experience and offline listening to music. Not only that, it offers access to the full SoundCloud catalog. Additionally, it offers DJ integration tools and high-quality audio.

These are the four types of accounts SoundCloud offers to its users. You can choose the account type that better suits you. SoundCloud offers many advantages that other social media platforms lack.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

1. audience engagement

Most of the social media platforms are focused on visually engaging their audience. Some of the social platforms offer to upload videos and music but not as efficiently as SoundCloud does. Since it is built around the concept of letting creators share their music without any compromise in the quality, SoundCloud might be the best app for music producers to share their content.

SoundCloud also offers its users to upload podcasts. If you are a business, you can engage your audience with tailor-made podcasts. People will be more likely to develop trust towards your brand by doing so.

2. revenue

SoundCloud might be an additional revenue source. Whether you might be an independent music artist or a podcaster, this additional revenue source will help you in the upcoming projects. Several podcasters solely rely on SoundCloud’s revenue to lead their life and are quite successful at it, though.

These are just a few of the advantages that come along while getting your business on SoundCloud. But people rarely play new creators or podcaster streams. This can make your journey on this platform very troublesome. So we are going to Buy SoundCloud Plays from marketing agencies.

These marketing agencies will optimize your content, promote and run ad campaigns to make your stream, audio, or music get discovered by more users on this platform. We have made you a list of the top 5 social marketing agencies that will let you Buy SoundCloud Plays that will result in both increased views and revenue.

1. galaxy marketing

Galaxy Marketing is honored to be one of the leading agencies in the digital marketing industry. Begun in 2018, they’ve completed 32,000 projects for over 8,000 clients in this short span of five years.

If you’re concerned that your plays would vanish after you purchase them, Galaxy Marketing could be the finest option. They provide real plays that will remain with your SoundCloud stream forever. Galaxy Marketing isn’t just an average marketing firm; they rely on data-driven techniques that are regularly tweaked to improve outcomes.

Start an ad campaign with this service provider right now to start collecting plays for your SoundCloud streams. They are well-known for their service, which gives 10-30% more plays than the user paid for. In other words, your SoundCloud broadcasts will enjoy a 30% increase in playbacks.

2. lynk hero

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Another skilled marketing agency that specializes in Sound Cloud ad campaigns is Lynk Hero. But it’s their dedication to knowing their clients’ demands that set them apart. Their marketing staff meets down with you and listens to your business goals, desires, and expectations. They will propose custom-made solutions after getting to know your business through and out, resulting in thousands of plays for your SoundCloud stream.

They are also particularly interested in independent music artists and creators. They offer customized ad campaigns to increase the reach of your streams or audio track on this platform.

One of their unique services is the ‘Instant Buy SoundCloud Plays ,’ which allows consumers to quickly purchase the number of plays they want for their SoundCloud stream. Lynk Hero’s services are suitable for podcasters and music producers since they provide customizable programs that are tailored to your needs.

3. adfluencer.com

Adfluencer is a well-known marketing firm in Germany founded in 2017 by German marketing experts. They are the country’s top service provider, and they offer their service to the majority of German influencers. Not only that, but they also provide services to Fandom, Wikia Inc., and Huawei, all of which are major businesses.

Their effective audience targeting tactics will allow you to attract SoundCloud users who are specifically interested in your streams. Because users that play and hear your stream, audio tracks, and podcast are interested in your niche, this method will result in increased user engagement with your streams. This marketing agency has helped hundreds of independent podcasters and helped them to generate a balanced cash flow.

4. famouz.io

Famouz.io is the next marketing firm on our list. They have over two decades of expertise in the field of digital marketing. They’ve also worked with a wide range of music producers, podcasters, and brands of various sizes. This demonstrates their versatility in dealing with various areas.

They are regulated by government and ethical marketing firms that will not jeopardize your account’s safety during the marketing process. Instead, they use tried-and-true methods that do no harm and simply improve your stream’s discoverability. This will lead your post, stream, or music mix to get more plays resulting in more revenue.

Their innovative techniques, which are updated on a regular basis, enable them to compete with marketing firms that have been around for over a century. Their user interface is straightforward and effective, preventing clients from being confused. Famous.io allows its customers to Buy SoundCloud plays at a low cost. They also provide a variety of payment options to ensure a seamless transaction.

5. influmos

It might be difficult to attract other users to play your stream in SoundCloud if you are not an established profile. Influmos understands the difficulty and is ready to offer premium service at a discount price. Due to their carefully built infrastructure, they can handle hundreds of clients and thousands of projects at the same time.

Their services help hundreds of new profiles, podcasters, and music producers to scale up their plays at an exponential level. Many developed brands seek Influmos’ service to well-establish their dominion on SoundCloud. They only use refined procedures resulting in 100% real plays to your streams. They have also provided their services to various other social media platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Tumblr, etc.

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Red Flags:

It is vital to investigate your marketing agency before you purchase any service from them. As social media marketing is a profitable business, some spammers and low-quality marketing agencies are trying to prey on the people who try to increase their reach on this platform. So we should be careful before making any judgments and should verify the service providers.

Several marketing organizations utilize unethical and illegal strategies, including the usage of bots to view, play, and comment on your streaming content. SoundCloud does’ not tolerate this practice because they want real, active people to use their platform. This puts your profile at risk of getting banned or blacklisted from this platform. Even if you’re fortunate enough not to be banned, gaining plays from these spam accounts and bots is merely a waste of your time and money. They will not assist you in achieving a better ranking and getting discovered by other users.

Choose your service providers intelligently if you want organic development. Organically growing your profile takes time, but it will help you rank better on the social networking site. That is why major music producers and podcasters favor steady organic development over this quick fake growth.

To help you save time and trouble, we have analyzed hundreds of marketing agencies and finally compiled a list of these top 5 marketing agencies. They are reliable and trustworthy service providers who maintain an excellent reputation.


1. how much money is 1000 plays on SoundCloud?

You can earn about 3 USD for 1000 monetized plays in SoundCloud.

2. is it OK to buy SoundCloud plays?

It is totally fine to buy SoundCloud plays from a reliable marketing agency. However, be careful when purchasing plays for your SoundCloud because some spammers will use harmful marketing techniques which will get your account banned. That is why it is advisable to purchase services from the above-mentioned service providers.

3. how much does SoundCloud play cost?

That is entirely dependent on the marketing agency you are buying your service from. You can visit their service page to know more about the cost and payment procedures.

4. can you fake SoundCloud plays?

We can’t fake SoundCloud plays. Their management algorithm is highly-intelligent and can distinguish between real and fake plays. So it is advisable not to use any harmful procedure to get more plays.

5. how do you make money off SoundCloud?

Our marketing agencies provide you with advanced marketing strategies, which will lead to more plays for your SoundCloud audio. SoundCloud will pay its users a total of $3 for every 1000 plays on this platform. By this process, you can generate money flow.

How do I promote my mix on SoundCloud?

You can purchase a service from one of the above-mentioned marketing agencies. These marketing agencies will employ custom-made strategies and run an ad campaign on behalf of you. By this, your mix on SoundCloud will be promoted, resulting in more plays.

7. how many SoundCloud followers do you need to get paid?

SoundCloud has a requirement of 1000 profile followers to get your account monetized. And after that, for every 1000 plays, you will receive $3 to your account, which you can withdraw to your bank account or online wallet.