Only launched in 2010, Instagram conquered the world in just a decade. This photo and video posting platform grew out of its intended proportion in such a short span of time and now has more than 400 million active users throughout the world. Though originally conceived and crafted in America, it is so popular that it is now spread over all the continents.

There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of Instagram over other social media platforms. The first and foremost one is the flexibility and the convenience that it provides. The working process of posting pictures on Instagram is so easy to understand, and not complicated at all. Also, unlike the other photo-posting platforms, Instagram has a vast collection of filters that can be used to customize and beautify every post made by the users.

The immense possibility to generate income is another major reason behind Instagram’s popularity. Though Instagram doesn’t pay for your posts, Instagram influencers are presented with multiple other opportunities to milk income with the rise in followers, likes, and comments. You can have brand collaborations, promotion works, sell your merchandise, build your brand, freelance, etc.. There are many who even run small businesses through their Instagram pages. If you are creative and smart enough and have a pretty decent fan following and an actively engaged comment section, you can aim heights on Instagram.

buy Instagram comments

Having an active comment box is quite important in facilitating an Instagram influencer journey. Because it is through the comments, the business owners, brand owners, etc. choose the Instagram influencer that they want to partner with. A comment box with a good number of likable comments and a healthy exchange of conversation between the influencer and the followers is what they are looking for. Thus, it is extremely important to maintain an active chatbox for your posts. But not many would get the time to engage in comment box conversations and to invite more comments. So, the ideal and best possible way is to buy Instagram comments so that you can attract more business opportunities to your profile.

Best sites to buy Instagram comments from

buy Instagram commentsIt is of paramount importance to choose the right service provider or promoter when you try to buy Instagram comments. Because many scam websites provide bot comments, they won’t seem convincing in your comment box, and they won’t do the job that you intended them to do. So always be careful enough to pick the right service provider. Following is a list of the best sites for you to buy Instagram comments from.

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1.Galaxy Marketing Global

If you are looking for a perfect digital partner to trust your Instagram comment box with, Galaxy Marketing Global is the right place for you. They have been providing Instagram comments as per the customer’s request for the last five years, and are considered as the best in it. They have multiple packages on their website from which the customer can choose the most suitable one. Their packages start with 50 comments, making them ideal for customers who are looking for budget-friendly deals.

  1. Lynk Hero

Lynk Hero is known for its ethical approach to social media marketing. They maintain the position that the customers have to be provided with the best offers and thus provide real Instagram comments from real followers. They have options for the customers to choose from if they are interested in having emoji comments in their comment box. Customers can customize their orders accordingly at Lynk Hero. They also provide a money-back guarantee if any paid service is not provided to the customers on time.

  1. Adfluencer

Adfluencer is a proven marketing agency that provides real Instagram comments at a reasonable price. They have multiple packages that go up to 500 comments, and customers can buy as many packages as they want in a single purchase. They offer an excellent money-back guarantee to their customers and are very particular about customer satisfaction.


With over 10,000 satisfied customers and one of the best privacy policies in town, is the best of the best to buy Instagram comments from. They claim to deliver their orders in less than two hours. They also offer real Instagram comments only. Their grievance redressal cell is fast-responsive and efficient.

  1. Influmos

Influmos has multiple packages to offer their customers and at the best prices. They are particular about their customer service and thus have a money-back guarantee, refill guarantee, one-year guarantee, and replacement guarantee intact. Customers can cancel their orders before the delivery starts and can get their paid amount refunded completely. Buy Instagram Comments.


  1. Why people pay for Instagram comments?

People pay for Instagram comments because Instagram comments are extremely important in opening up income-generating avenues for users. An Instagram account with an active comment box is the indicator of a well-maintained account, and various brand and business owners are attracted to Instagram profiles with good comment engagement for their brand promotions. So, influencers need to earn maximum comments even if they have to pay for it.

  1. How to get more Instagram comments?

Using hashtags, replying to the comments given, posting quality and engaging posts, etc. are various methods to boost comments in your Instagram comment box. But the easiest, most convenient, and most efficient way is to buy Instagram comments from a reputed digital marketing service provider. All you have to do is make an order online for how much ever comments that you need and pay for it. The ordered comments will be reflected in your account in less than 24 hours.

  1. Is buying Instagram comments legal?

There is nothing illegal about buying Instagram comments. Instagram does not have any policy or guideline which limits you from paying anyone for your likes and comments. So, there is no legal issue about ordering Instagram comments online. Many of the influencers have been using this method for increasing their social proof since the conception of the platform. No issues have been reported till now.

  1. Can I purchase Instagram comments if my account is set to private?

It depends on the service provider. Because it isn’t possible for strangers to comment on a private account. So, if your promoter provides you, followers, along with the comments, you can have them comment on your post. So, make sure to consult your service provider regarding the same before making a purchase.

  1. Is it safe to buy Instagram comments?

Buying Instagram comments is totally safe. It is just like ordering any other online product or service. You can search for the ideal packages on the concerned website, cart your order, and pay for it through an authentic and safe payment gateway. The order will be delivered to you at the stipulated time. But always choose your digital promoter well. Multiple scam sites offer a good deal but may scam you hard. So, always go for the best service providers available.

  1. Can I control what is said in the comments?

You can customize your order according to whether you want standard comments or emoji comments or both. You won’t be having control over the comments beyond that particular customization. It is generally done in such a way that only positive comments are provided to the customers, and all of them would sound genuine to the other followers. For individual profiles, the ordered comments would consist of positive and supportive comments for the posts that you are making. For business pages, the comments will have positive reviews of your product or service and positive feedback for your customer service.

  1. Can I use @mentions and emojis in custom comments?

Generally, most digital promoters provide you the chance to opt for emoji comments along with the standard comments. Use of @mentions is usually not provided by reputed digital promoters. Customers can customize in most of the ways possible like choosing the number of comments, choosing the nature of the comments, choosing emoji comments, etc.

  1. What information do you need from me to start the process?

Most of the reputed digital promoters value your right to privacy and treat your personal information with the utmost respect. So, they will only ask for your Instagram post link for which you are ordering the comments. You can simply paste the link on the given dialog box on their site and place your order. They won’t ask for any of your passwords or user ID. If you come across any websites that ask for your user name or password, consider it a red flag and refrain from any transactions with them.

  1. Will anyone know that I have purchased Instagram comments?

No one will know whether you have purchased comments or not. Because there is no such technology available in any social media to show the authenticity of a comment. Also, a reputed digital promoter will only be providing real comments and not bot comments. So, the comments that are delivered to you will be of real people with flesh and blood who will engage in any conversation that you’ll try to make in the comment box. So, there is no point in worrying about whether they’ll seem fake.

  1. If I purchase just Instagram comments will I get likes and followers too?

It depends on the digital promoter that you chose to work with and the quantity of the order that you’ve placed. There are marketing giants who offer likes and followers as complementary to the order for comments. All you got to do is to go to the concerned promoter’s website and go through their policy clauses and terms and conditions before purchasing from them.

  1. Can my Instagram account get banned for buying comments?

No, your Instagram account won’t get affected in any way for buying comments. There is no such policy that exists under Instagram or any law-making agency which limits you from availing an online promoter to increase your social proof and reach. It is just similar to any other online orders that you place. You are simply paying for a service delivered to you, and you are following all the tax and transaction laws, so there are no consequences for buying comments. No need to worry whether your Instagram account gets banned for this, it just won’t.

  1. Do you need my username and password to start delivery?

No, none of the reputed service providers ask for your username or password for delivering an order. They’ll only ask for the post link that you are supposedly making a particular order for.

  1. Do you offer a free trial for Instagram comments?

It is up to the digital promoter that you choose to partner with. Many sites offer good offers, discounts, and free trials for their customers. You can only be sure once you visit their websites or social media profiles.

  1. Can I place multiple orders for the same Instagram post?

Yes, you can place multiple orders for the same Instagram post. Most of the promoters will provide you the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages with a varied number of comments on them. Customers can choose as many packages as they want during the purchase, and can simply cart them all together and pay for them at the end of the shopping. There is no limit to the number of comments that you can order for the same Instagram post.

  1. Should you buy Instagram random comments?

Buying random comments could point to the wide social media reach that you have. If you have a comment box with comments of random people with different personalities and nationalities, it will only boost your social media profile. This is why many of the digital media promoters provide you the chance to customize your orders for Instagram comments. You can choose the nature of your comments, the nationality of your comments, etc.

  1. What happens after your purchase?

Once you make a purchase online, according to the delivery policy and their stipulated delivery time and the quantity of your purchase, they’ll start getting reflected in your account in less than 24 hours. You just need to be vigilant as to whether the exact number of your order is delivered, and in case of any discrepancies, make sure to contact the customer support system of your promoter.

  1. Can I use emoji in custom comments?

Yes, you can use emoji in custom comments, and many reputed service providers give you the chance to choose this option. You can simply choose emoji comments over standard comments while placing your order.

  1. If I have any problems with my order?

It is possible to have errors happened occasionally during the purchase or delivery of an order. The customers can always approach the concerned firm’s customer service section, and share their grievances with them. If your promoter is a reputed one, your complaint is bound to get redressed immediately.

  1. Can I split purchased comments on several photos?

Usually, it is not possible to split your purchased comments into several photos. Because you’ll have to provide the targeted post link at the time of the purchase and it is only possible to deliver the orders to the given link.

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