The never-ending obsession and craving towards social media platforms around the world have risen significantly in recent years. And the immense possibilities of such platforms cause more and more developers to come up with new versions and models of social media platforms. Among such new additions to the field, one of the recent sensations is the clubhouse app, which generated enormous attention from people of all age groups across the globe. It is an audio-based social media app that offers to its users far more than posting photos and writing posts. Clubhouse users can join various chatrooms on the platform according to their taste and interest and can engage in conversations for a stipulated time.

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Though it was made available to the public in 2020, it took over the world in just weeks. The major attraction of the Clubhouse platform is the chat rooms that are present in it. There will be a moderator controlling and managing a chat room, and he will facilitate discussion on a particular topic. Clubhouse users who are interested in a particular topic can join that chatroom, and engage in conversation and discussion via audio. The moderator is the one who controls the discussion and it is up to his/her discretion to whom should talk at a time. No users can unmute themselves and engage in the discussion.

They can inform the moderator that they are interested to talk by clicking on the ‘raise hand’ option, and if the moderator approves your request, you will be unmuted and will be able to talk. The moderator can mute you at any time too.

Even though Clubhouse is recognized primarily as a communication and entertainment platform, it holds endless possibilities for income generation too. There is a service called ‘Clubhouse payments’, which lets content creators receive money from their followers once they cross a particular number of followers. Once you gain a fair share of followers, Clubhouse enables an option called ‘send money, which can be used by your followers to send you money via their debit or credit cards.

There is also a tipping service that the public can use to reward a content creator for hosting an immaculate discussion or event. There are other ways also to use Clubhouse as an income source like conducting paid events, hosting chatrooms, business opportunities, marketing opportunities, merchandise sales, online business, brand collaborations, etc.

But to avail all of these opportunities, it is imperative to have a good fan following in Clubhouse. As there are a lot of talents present in the platform, the only practical criteria for all kinds of interactions and business operations are the number of followers that you have.

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If you have a good number of followers, your profile will be considered an influential and popular one, and thus, there will be opportunities coming your way to make money. So, it is extremely important to have a fair number of followers on the Clubhouse platform, and the best way to do this is to buy Clubhouse followers from a reputed digital marketing service provider.

Why should you buy Clubhouse followers?

The clubhouse is a very recent platform, and being a newbie, there is a high inflow of users into the platform. Most of them are already influential on Instagram and various other social media platforms, and they have brought with them a huge fan following. So, there are already numerous Clubhouse influencers who grab most of the financial opportunities that have arisen in the platform. For a beginner, proving oneself amidst these already popular figures could be a tiresome task. It could take time, effort, and a lot of rejections.

So, what you would be needing is an initial push; an initial boosting in the number of your followers so that your profile gets noticed. Once you start getting noticed and start getting business inquiries you can take off from there, and keep the momentum going. It is for this initial push that buying Clubhouse followers will be useful. It is instant, immediate, and effective. You will get overnight growth without any specific effort or time.

Where to buy Clubhouse followers?

There are many digital marketing service providers who offer multiple packages to buy Clubhouse followers from. But there are certain things that a digital promoter should be able to provide when it comes to providing Clubhouse followers.

Real followers: A reputed promoter should provide real followers for their customers. There are many scam websites that provide bot followers for their customers. Bot followers won’t do any good for your profile and they will disappear after a while.

Budget-friendly: Clubhouse is a free platform and thus, there will be many who are in dire need of followers but have a meager budget to set aside for that. A digital promoter should be considerate of customers from all strata and thus, should provide budget-friendly options to choose from.

Speed delivery: Although delivery speed tends to get varied across various service providers, it is important for your promoter to have a delivery speed of less than 3-4 hours. Any promoter who takes 24 hours or more to deliver an order could not be considered competitive enough.

Safety: Most of the digital promoters function through their online pages and it is extremely important to take care of the safety of the customer with safe payment options, data privacy policy, maintaining customer’s anonymity, etc.

Customer service: Immaculate customer service is necessary when you buy a service online. If the service happened to be sub-par, the customer should be able to seek the help of the service provider immediately. So, a 24×7 customer support system is inevitable for a digital promoter.

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Considering all these criteria here is a carefully made list of the best digital promoters for you to buy Clubhouse followers from.

Best sites to buy Clubhouse followers

1. Galaxy Marketing Global

Established back in 2017, Galaxy Marketing Global is one of the front runners in the digital marketing field. They offer various services like fast delivery, 100% privacy and anonymity for the customers, refund and cancellation service, one-year guarantee, etc.. They also provide multiple customization options for their customers to choose from.

2. lynk hero

With numerous budget-friendly packages that start from 100 followers, and an able customer support system, Lynk Hero is one of the most reputed firms in the marketing field. They claim to deliver the orders within three hours, and if they fail to do what they offer, they claim to provide a complete refund to the customer. Lynk Hero also offers many offers and discounts to their customers, especially if you are placing a bulk order.

3. adfluencer

Adfluencer, the well-reputed marketing giant is known for its uncomplicated and customer-friendly services and policies. They have a collection of budget-friendly packages, and the customers can customize them whichever way they want. They even provide country-targeted followers for their customers to choose from. Customers can try out the site by placing a sample order to be sure of the efficiency of their service.


If you are someone who is very cautious and conscious about online transactions and are always looking for safe and secure places to conduct your payments, is the right place for you. They value the safety and privacy of their customers more than anything and have provided secure payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. for their customers. They have a money-back guarantee also for any unhappy or unsatisfied customers.

5. influmos

Influmos is a top digital marketing service provider that offers reasonable deals for customers to buy Clubhouse followers from. Their customer service system is one of the best in town. Customers can reach out to them via their instant chat, 24×7 customer care unit, and e-mail for immediate grievance redressal.


What is new about Clubhouse fromanother social platform?

The clubhouse is the newest addition to the group of social media platforms but is different from the others by the fact that it is an audio-based app. It provides the users a platform to talk with each other and make a friend circle of creative discussions rather than simply posting pictures or writing something. It stands close to social media users because of the anonymity that it provides and the possibility to connect with unknown people and make a good friend circle by joining various chat rooms.

2. is it agood idea to take help from Viralyft for Clubhouse followers?

It is always important to partner with a reputable service provider as the virtual world consists of both positive and negative people. You have to make sure that your privacy and your personal information are treated by the service provider with the utmost respect, and for that,you have to be well versed with your promoter’s privacy policy. Do go through their official website and check for their terms and conditions to know more about their process of working and their customer service.

How to be apart of any audio group and speak with everyone?

The major highlight of the Clubhouse platform is the ‘rooms’ into which the users can join and engage in conversations. But not everyone can have access to all of the rooms. It depends on the nature of the room. Open rooms are, as their name suggests, open to all Clubhouse users. Social rooms are rooms that allow entry only to the followers of the moderator of that particular room. Closed rooms are the ones where you need an invitation to enter. Once you enter any of these rooms, it is up to the moderator to let you speak or not. He/she is the one who has control over your mute and unmutes options, and he/she will enable and disable them according to his/her discretion.

4. is it too early to join Clubhouse?

The clubhouse was conceived and released in 2020. Although it is still in its toddler phase and has yet to enable many of its features, there is no wrong with using and experimenting with the app now. Several monetizations and business options are yet to come out, but the platform already offers a multitude of opportunities. Also, as a communication platform, it seems impressive for a beginner. It ensures anonymity and privacy of the user and thus, a good platform to engage in conversations without any judgments. Many of the chat rooms in the Clubhouse are spaces of creative interaction and intellectually engaging discussions. You can make the most out of all its positives even though it is yet to prove its mettle.

How do you gain followers in the Clubhouse?

Just like in any other social media, the Clubhouse also offers the following option for its users. You can simply follow someone by clicking on the following option on their profile. It is tricky when you want to have more followers. Because if you are active in clubhouse discussions or you try your hand at organizing and moderating some discussions or you facilitate the creation of some worthy chatrooms, you are definitely going to get more followers. More reach and more popularity mean more followers in the Clubhouse. But the easiest, most efficient, and instant way to gain more followers is to buy them from a responsible service provider.

6. can you buy clubhouse followers?

Of course, you can buy Clubhouse followers. There are multiple service providers both online and offline from whom you can buy your desired number of followers. It only takes several minutes to place the order, and it is just like any other online purchase that you usually do. You can visit the chosen site, add your desired number of followers to your cart, and place the order by paying for it. Your order will be delivered within hours and you can see the number of followers of your account shooting up on the same day of your purchase.

7. is buying Clubhouse followers illegal?

Buying clubhouse followers is not illegal. There is no policy or law which bars you from availing any paid service to grow your Clubhouse profile, and also, the reputed service providers function within the four frames of the law, and thus, there won’t be any legal consequences for buying Clubhouse followers.

8. can clubhouse followers be used as leads?

Yes, Clubhouse followers can be used as leads to your other social media profiles and vice versa. You can provide your social media profile details to your discussion rooms, and can facilitate fair traffic of followers to any of your social media profiles. Also, you can lead your Instagram or YouTube followers to follow you on your Clubhouse profile too.